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Welcome to SLRetail
Carlton Classic Jukebox Display by Sound Leisure
Welcome to SLRetail

Carlton estates Big Wheel Display

Following on from the project SLRetail completed for Carlton Estates a few months ago where we customised one of our Rocket 88 jukeboxes into a property display unit, we recently received a new commission. The task was to create an 8ft motorised ferris wheel that properties could be hung on. The wheel would rotate in the shop window and display all the lettings and properties currently available. The wood shop here at sound Leisure did a phenomenal job of creating the wheel, which was veneered in a light oak colour.


Welcome to SLRetail

bulletSLRetail maintains a unique position among some of Europe's best known retailers, creative agencies, architects and shop fitters. As a developer and manufacturer of innovative audio and video solutions for the retail, leisure and exhibition sectors, you have probably watched digital signage content on one of our custom LCD or Plasma screens while shopping on the high street or listened to our discreet flat panel speakers in a restaurant or gallery. It is possible you have even tried to hide an inquisitive look as our ClearSound window speakers transformed an ordinary shop window in to an interactive audio presentation.

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